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Subject: Re: [geometry] polyhedron clipping/capping algorithm using boost
From: Barend Gehrels (barend_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-01-28 16:50:47

Hi Tomislav,

On 28-1-2013 14:07, Tomislav Maric wrote:
> Hi,
> @Bruno thank you very much for your answer. In this case, I will try
> to first optimize the code that I already have...
> Is there someone working on the 3D operations of boost.geometry? I
> mean, if it is possible, I would be happy to try and make at least
> those algorithms that I require to run in 3D. My knowledge in C++ is
> solid, but I'm ready and happy to learn more. In that case, I might be
> able to pack this work into the optimization that I need to do anyway
> for my PhD, and it would happen in about 3 months time.

Your efforts are very welcome! We (until now) concentrate on 2D
algoritms (especially w.r.t. boolean operations) but we took care the
design was 3D (or N-D) , and the geometries and operations which are
basically dimension agnostic (such as distance, length, centroid) are
N-D implemented.

More 3D is very welcome and working on algorithms that you require is
always a happy path.

So yes we will be very glad with your efforts.

Thanks, Barend

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