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Subject: Re: [geometry] type based tag dispatching for VTK output
From: Mateusz Loskot (mateusz_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-06-07 04:51:02

On 7 June 2013 09:05, Tomislav Maric <tomislav.maric_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> On 06/07/2013 12:20 AM, Barend Gehrels wrote:
>>> I've pushed VTK output with type based tag dispatching (I did the best I
>>> could at this point) using tags of boost.geometry up on
>>> "git_at_[hidden]/tmaric:boost-geometry-3d", so any input you can spare
>>> is very much appreciated.
>> Great but the address is wrong...
> Ah, sorry about that, here is the link:
> "git_at_[hidden]:tmaric/boost-geometry-3d", the new test application
> is called "write-test-type-tags", I kept the old stuff in the repo since
> I am still learning.

This is interesting project, I'm watching it.
If I may, I'd suggest to restructure the repository tree to include full path to
the headers, as it is a common practice in external additions for Boost.
It means, once the repo is cloned, it would be good to have:


This makes it much easier to integrate your work with Boost sources tree,

>>> Btw, we pushed the article on the geometrical two-phase flow simulation
>>> method (Volume of Fluid - VoF) to arXiv, you can get it there, if you
>>> want to see nice pictures and what I plan to use the boost.geometry 3D
>>> stuff for (see pages 10-12 for geometrical operations, and the result
>>> section for the geometry of the interface between fluids):

Great stuff, keep us posted, please!

Best regards,

Mateusz Loskot,

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