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Subject: Re: [geometry] problems with dissolve()
From: Victor Botnev (botnev.victor_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-12-10 05:01:11

I am sorry, but I was not exact in my previous message.
And, perhaps I should go into some details.
I do not know precisely how to use the combination of Boost Geometry truck
and the rest Boost.
I thought it would be logical to get the latest version of Boost for this
So my steps were:
1. I got Friday’s trunk of Boost Geometry with its extensions.
2. I downloaded Boost 1.55 and removed all the contents of folder “geometry”
in it.
3. I inserted Friday’s trunk of Boost Geometry in this folder.
I got an example of the self-intersecting contour from this post:
(just after the subtitle “*But now the sample*”).
Then I changed a coordinate of a point in the contour (it is marked by bold
font below) and presented it as a multipolygon consisted of one polygon:
MULTIPOLYGON((55 10, 141 237, 249 23, 21 171, 252 169, *140*, 89, 266 73, 55
As the result, the test program created by VS2008 and which does nothing but
dissolves mentioned above multipolygon crashes.

But if this contour is presented as a polygon in terms of Boost Geometry,
then the program does not crash but the result is not correct anyway (I can
see it from svg-file which is created from the resultant multipolygon in
this case).

Best regards,
Victor Botnev

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