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Subject: Re: [geometry] Boost.Geometry contribution tutorial
From: Barend Gehrels (barend_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-05-24 05:12:44

Hi Adam,

Adam Wulkiewicz wrote On 22-5-2014 13:16:
> Menelaos Karavelas wrote:
>> Hi Adam.
>> On 22/05/2014 03:06 ??, Adam Wulkiewicz wrote:
>>> 2014-05-21 12:51 GMT+02:00 Adam Wulkiewicz
>>> <adam.wulkiewicz_at_[hidden] <mailto:adam.wulkiewicz_at_[hidden]>>:
>>> Hi,
>>> Barend Gehrels wrote:
>>>> This is a (very clear) technical description. I think we should
>>>> add one or two things in the section "Modify the branch":
>>>> It now contains /"At this point it's up to you what to do with
>>>> your new branch.//"/ which is fine.
>>>> But I think we should add some hint that if people create a new
>>>> feature, or a bugfix, or some parts for the docs, or an
>>>> example, it is often wise to consult the mailing list if that
>>>> is a good idea. Maybe other people are working on the same
>>>> thing too. If it is a larger feature it is good to post a sort
>>>> of implementation plan to check if the feature, and the
>>>> implementation, is what is expected.
>>> Thanks for the suggestion. I fixed it (and other minor things).
>>>> Also we should refer to the coding guidelines.
>>> Good idea, however for now the guidelines are only in the QBK
>>> form, right?
>>> We could think about moving them to the Wiki (or duplicate and
>>> keep in both places).
>> In the last code snippet, I would also add the DOXYGEN_NO_* macros.
> Done.
> Ok so I'd like to move this tutorial to the wiki. To do this I need a
> place for pics.

Great the Guidelines are on the Wiki now!

> Do we also want to put developers guidelines and/or GitHub tutorial in
> the docs (which means putting the images somewhere in docs) or should
> they stay only in the Wiki (which means creating an empty branch
> 'wiki' and putting the images there)?
> I'd probably vote for option 2. Plus adding direct links to Guidelines
> and Contribution Tutorial in the README.

Yes, I agree. The documentation (Quickbook) is targetted to end users.
Having direct links is OK. But we don't need them in two places, w.r.t.

Can you put one thing more in the Guidelines, in the free function
please add the concept check with the comment that it should be done as
early as possible?

template <typename Point>
inline int foo(Point const& point)
     // Checking if the geometry type fulfils the concept should be done as early as possible, so in the first entry point
     concept::check<Point const>();

      return dispatch<Point>::apply(point);

Regards, Barend

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