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Subject: Re: [geometry] Setting up Travis CI for Boost.Geometry
From: Mateusz Loskot (mateusz_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-11-10 11:01:56

On 10 November 2014 16:31, Adam Wulkiewicz <adam.wulkiewicz_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> Mateusz Loskot wrote:
>> On 10 November 2014 12:54, Adam Wulkiewicz <adam.wulkiewicz_at_[hidden]>
>> wrote:
>>> Would it be possible to have separate icons in the README for different
>>> parts of the library?
>> AFAIK, Travis generates single non-customisable icon for all builds. So,
>> no.
> I'm asking because e.g. some of the extensions are broken so if they were
> included in the build the icon would probably always be red for all of the
> tests. Furthermore it'd be convenient to have those parts separated.

I understand, but that use case is too complicated from the point of
continuous integration which is supposed to produce boolean answer:
green/red :-)

If some parts of software fail to build/test and that is acceptable state,
then those parts should be excluded from CI builds.

> AFIO has many icons in their README but indeed there is only one from
> Travis.

Yes, Travis status image is generated per branch build:
No customisations.

> What if we made some dummy branches, each one testing one part of the
> library?

How would that differ from telling b2 what to build?

b2 target1 target2 target3

...but not target4.

> Would it be possible to setup some hooks on GitHub to automatically update
> those branches when new commits were pushed to e.g. develop?

Perhaps it's possible, but I lack of GH fu here, so can't help with this.

Best regards,

Mateusz  Loskot,

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