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Subject: [geometry] Some wild rtree ideas
From: Henry Roeland (henry_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-11-22 13:10:13

Dear all,

I have put a question on stackoverflow
Concerning boost geometry rtree and loading pages when needed. The answer is that iT is not supported yet. pointed me to this mailing list for help and ideas.
So hier I am.

Why page loading?
Some maps are to big to index as a whole and would-be beter to load parts only when needed.

Other ideas:

In combination with boost interproc maybe support for compressed mapped files? lz4 is quick enough when reading.

Custom page load mechanism that supports:
- retrieving data from different data sources ( database, zeromq,.... )
- dependcy checker to unload a page ( file, db query, time,....)

I realy have no idea if above suggestions are possible.

Thanks for your time,

Henry Roeland

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