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Geometry :

From: Digvijay Janartha (jasonryder555_at_[hidden])
Date: 2020-02-15 20:15:30


I wanted to ask what exactly we have to do in programming competency test
for Project 1. It states that implement and test "Gift wrapping" Convex
hull for MultiPoint Concept, so I need to design a new strategy for convex
hull (strategy::convex_hull::gift_wrapping) or implement a new algorithm
(convex_hull_gift_wrapping), and that too only for MultiPoint Concept? And
also this algorithm should be implemented for cartesian coordinate system
only, or any other systems also? Also I need to make a PR for this (with
doxygen commands) or make a different repository for this? And at last,
testing will include checking the code output with different existing
algorithms? Thanks, in advance!


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