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Subject: Re: [proto] Other methods for embedding DSL in C++
From: joel falcou (joel.falcou_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-07-26 15:27:29

These methods are aroudn since the Sh, the originator of RapidMind. They
build ASt at runtime and generate code that get JIT'ed.
Paul Kelly's DESOLA has some same techniques.

It's great for out-of-main CPU code geenration, I use somehtign simialr
for GPGPU code generation (except with proto as a front end).
For regular CPU code DSL, not sure the RT overhead is worth it.

Oh and you don't get Compile-timle intrsopection, only runtime.

> P.S : Someone more familiar with Rapidmind or other variants, can you
> please explain how they do it in more detail?
Rapidmind is one huge vaporware. Nobody ever saw it running ...

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