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Subject: Re: [proto] Proto documentation, tutorials, developer guide and general Publis Relations
From: joel falcou (joel.falcou_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-12-04 12:10:01

On 04/12/10 18:01, Eric Niebler wrote:
> Something along those lines would be a big improvement. I've gotten
> better at explaining Proto since I wrote those docs, and they could use
> a major facelift.
> I still like the fundamental idea of structuring the users guide around
> the idea of Proto as a compiler construction toolkit, with sections for
> front-end, intermediate form, and back-end. But before we get to that,
> there should be a Not-So-Quick Start with examples that gets people going.

The structure is rather good and I (we) liked it. But some "gallery" of
samples could be nice to have a long-standing work-item to go through
the docs and examples and

> The contexts must go.


>> 4/ Maybe more diverse examples coudl eb turned into full fledged,
>> detailed, step by step tutorial. map_assing
> map_assing?

OK my dyslexia stroke again: *map_assign*

> Yes, this an some other newer features are not described in the users'
> guide at all. That includes sub-domains, per-domain control over
> as_child and as_expr, external transforms, and now the expanded set of
> functional callables.

and the member<> thing or is it still in flux ?

> Any and all contributions are welcome. But no "assing" please.

Promise ;) no assing :€

> What is "this"? Are you referring to I'm pretty committed
> to finishing the article series I started there, and it wouldn't be
> right to move it elsewhere at this point.

Once I sent this, I remembered abotu c++-next. Dunno if you could use it
for more proto expsoure through
tutorial stuff ? I wasn't asking you to move anyway :)

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