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Subject: Re: [proto] Proto documentation, tutorials, developer guide and general Publis Relations
From: Eric Niebler (eric_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-12-04 12:14:57

On 12/4/2010 12:10 PM, joel falcou wrote:
> On 04/12/10 18:01, Eric Niebler wrote:
>> Yes, this an some other newer features are not described in the users'
>> guide at all. That includes sub-domains, per-domain control over
>> as_child and as_expr, external transforms, and now the expanded set of
>> functional callables.
> and the member<> thing or is it still in flux ?

Oh, right. Darn. I really need to sit down and convince myself that that
code is legit. It may still change. :-/

Eric Niebler
BoostPro Computing

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