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From: vicente.botet (vicente.botet_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-05-20 21:00:53


First of all bravo,

I find that subject should be non-preemptible threads. I think that your
library in its own is a very good candidate to Boost.

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Subject: [Threads-devel] Single threaded implementation of Boost.Thread

> Hello,
> A while back I put together a library[1] with the same interface as
> Boost.Thread that I use for testing purposes, as it's nice to be able
> to test algorithmic logic in isolation from synchronization logic.
> The implementation is cooperative, rather than preemptive, written in
> terms of Fibers on Windows and the <ucontext.h> functionality on POSIX
> systems.
> I started thinking about bringing the code up to date in order to
> mirror the new 1.35 interface, when I realized that I hadn't mentioned
> my library here before.
> Would this cooperative version of Boost.Thread be useful for boosters
> in general? Regardless, someone here may find it useful!

Yes I really think so. IMO you should also request interest in the boost
developement list.

> Kind regards,
> Edd
> [1]

I have not taken a deep look yet, but I suspect a variation of the fiber
conext can be used to implement deterministic alternation.

I'm wondering if using a variation of the fiber conext can be used to
implement deterministic alternation.
and writing something like:

class TrafficLight : public alternating_component {
    color::type state_;
    TrafficLight() : state_(color::red) {}
    void body() {
        for(;;) {
            state_ = color::red;
            state_ = color::green;
class Controller {
    TrafficLight& north_, south_;
    Controller(TrafficLight& north, TrafficLight& south) :
    void operator() () {
        north_(); // north.state_==red
        south_(); // south.state_==green
        for(;;) {
            // wait some time
            // switch the states

What do you think?

A non-premptible thread will be a particular case of alternating_component
scheduled by a specific scheduler.
Do you have some performances messures?

It is a pity that xcontext.h is obsolete and that this header file is
missing from gnulib on some platforms as OpenBSD 3.8, Cygwin, mingw, BeOS.

The Boost.Coroutine library use also xcontext.h .

Best regards

Vicente Juan Botet Escriba

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