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Ublas :

From: Michael Stevens (m-stevens_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-01-07 12:21:25

Dominique, Toon,

> > I have switch to ublas::indirect_array <std::vector <size_t> >, but
> > wonder if it is a volontary design decision to prevent usage of
> > ublas::vector in indirect_array.
> Michael has some time ago worked on cleaning up the code and accidently
> some code was broken because of types that were migrated from public to
> the private.

I think Toon has already cover the important stuff. I'm not sure why at the
moment the .32 release was broken but the current CVS HEAD (which has my
extensive uBLAS_pure changes merged) has fixed t again.

The principle I tried to apply for 1.32 and continued with was to make the
types in uBLAS consistent with their specified Concepts. There were and
probably still are a few inconsistencies in this regard. I will have to check
if this we just a mistake in indirect_array. If there is a bug fix release
for 1.32 before 1.33 then I guess I should follow this up.