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From: Ian McCulloch (ianmcc_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-11-29 17:12:01

Shawn D. Pautz wrote:

> All,
> There is a difference between 1.33.0 and 1.33.1 Beta that is causing me
> some problems with gcc 3.4.4. In class vector the typedef for pointer
> and const_pointer has changed from being public to being private. Was
> this intended? I'll note that the documentation for the Vector concept
> still indicates that it is a refinement of RandomAccessContainer, which
> requires a public typedef. I thought there had been discussion of
> dropping that requirement - am I looking at the right documentation?

Wow, that sounds like a really drastic change to occur in a 0.0.1 release!
I expect it was unintentional, but regardless it should be fixed. If this
change is for real then 1.34 is the right place.

1.33.1 is due out very soon, if there isn't a response soon I think you
should forward this to the 1.33.1 release manager,
Douglas Gregor <dgregor_at_[hidden]>