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Ublas :

From: David M Garza (David.M.Garza_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-11-29 18:43:24

Michael Stevens wrote:
> On Wednesday, 23. November 2005 03:06, David M Garza wrote:
>>Extracting uBLAS from Boost seems to simply be a matter of copying the
>>boost/numeric/ublas directory to your preferred location. At least,
>>that has worked so far.
> You must be getting other Boost headers from somewhere else. uBLAS uses a lot
> of other Boost libraries to implement template functions. The dependencies
> are quite extensive.

Yeah, actually it turned out I was pointing the compiler at the Boost
distribution directory, not a copied subsubset. I could swear at once
point I copied things directly... At any rate I'm now also using the
Boost smart pointers so I'm growing beyond just uBLAS and its dependencies.