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From: Vassilis Virvilis (vasvir_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-11-16 08:12:51

Michael Stevens wrote:
> Hello Gunter, Vassilis,
> On Monday, 6. November 2006 10:43, Gunter Winkler wrote:
>>I checked the patches of Vassilis and applied them (with minor
>>modifications) on my local copy of ublas. Here is the full patch and sample
>>@Michael: please apply this to the CVS version.
> I have done as I was told an applied the patch! Thanks.
> I noticed that the line 'size_ = size' is now placed before the
> 'restrict_capacity' which would fix an existing bug. Oldly Vassilis original
> patch shows being there already and the opposite happening:
> void resize (size_type size, bool preserve = true) {
> - // FIXME preserve unimplemented
> BOOST_UBLAS_CHECK (!preserve, internal_logic ());
> - size_ = size;
> capacity_ = restrict_capacity (capacity_);
> - index_data_. resize (capacity_);
> - value_data_. resize (capacity_);
> - filled_ = 0;
> + size_ = size;
> Not sure if there was a version problem there?

I was using the CVS boost service located at
The Boost there has version number 1.35 which is weird since my Debian unstable has 1.33
and looks like the next stable rtelease will be 1.34.

I tried to change the absolute minimum in my patch but looks like I got it wrong.
Fortunately Gunter corrected my patch.

> To meet the boost guideline I place a copyright and licence comment at the
> head. Since not everyone likes there name on public code I have given myself
> as the copyright owner. If you want me to corrently assign the copyright to
> you please say so and I will commit a change!
> Similar I normaly attribute people in the CVS commit log. Please say if you do
> not want this.

I don't have a problem if my name is visible through ublas or cvs commit logs,
although I believe this is a minor contribution to worth a copyright entry.