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Ublas :

From: nisha kannookadan (nishak44_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-01-11 12:33:01


> Luis M. de la Cruz Salas wrote:
>>> Are you using -NDEBUG in your C++ compilation?.

Yes, I do. And I use -O3 in my compiliation.

> In addition to that, Matlab and other programs like it are highly optimised
> for vector/matrix operations, they'll use a processor-specific library as a
> backend to speed up these operations using your processor's native
> vectorised-math operations.

Yeah, I know.

> I believe there are some bindings somewhere (in
> the sandbox maybe?) that allow you to use Ublas with an optimised BLAS
> backend,

yeah, I know, there is.

> but if your compiler's optimiser supports it, you could also try
> turning on automatic optimisation of vectorisable operations

I didnt get that.
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