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Ublas :

From: nchygy (nchygy_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-01-07 21:49:10

I have several question on using ublas.
1. In ublas is it provide any function or method for matrix to calculate the inverse?
2. In the overview of ublas "norm_1 (x)" has been described to be an function to calculate "sum xi" However when i use it calculate the sum of an vector x=(87, -32,-34)
it gives an result 153, that is an wrong number. It seems the norm_1 calculate the sum |xi|
Is it the truth?
3. I found it is difficult to use the scalr matrix ,because it can not be used to multiply with other matrix.(it show me error, when i tring to do so using the function "prod").
Best regards
Yang GAO