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Subject: Re: [ublas] lapack bindings - linker errors in windows but not linux
From: Thomas Klimpel (Thomas.Klimpel_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-04-21 06:22:54

P.L.W. Man wrote:
> I have a problem very similar to msg#00005

What do you mean by msg#00005? Can you provide a link instead?

> - I am using the numeric bindings (v1) for lapack/atlas etc.
> I'm pretty much a newbie to programming. My C++ program compiles
> (and links) perfectly on Fedora 12, using g++.

Since you say you are a programming newbie, I guess that you installed lapack/atlas etc. with the normal package manager so that they worked just right out of the box.

> However, when I try to compile on windows (either using
> Microsoft VS 9.0 or compiling directly using g++ in cygwin), it
> compiles perfectly, but the following linker errors result:

I guess you installed lapack/atlas etc. by some method that appeared reasonable to you, and now expect that we exactly know what you have done. I can only guess that you installed them via cygwin, and now expect them to work out of the box with both VC9 and g++. Is this assumption correct?

> The msg#00014 seems to indicate that the problem was due to something
> called name mangling but tantalisingly does not provide the solution.

What do you mean by msg#00014? Can you provide a link instead?

> Having read (a very little) about name mangling, i tried the following
> commands on the object files created for each of the three methods of
> compiling:

On windows, you normally have to compile with -DBIND_FORTRAN_LOWERCASE_UNDERSCORE, but you say that you already tried that.