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Subject: Re: [ublas] How_to_solve_triangular_System_XA=B?
From: Oswin Krause (Oswin.Krause_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-04-16 01:00:06

Hi Yan,

Thanks for the reply. I implemented this now in my functions and all
test cases run fine.

Just as a quick note:
During implementation, i figured out, that the inplace-solver for xA=b
(so the vector version) does not compile. I wanted to hand in a bug
report but saw, that this was already reported 2 years ago and is still
not fixed. This is a shame for a trans(A) at a position where it is not
allowed(a temporary can't bind to non-const references)

On 2012-04-15 21:21, pem wrote:
>> this should be equivalent to
>> A^T X^T = B^T
>> => X A = B
>> is that correct?
> this is correct.
> in fact Matlab also do this in the same way, in its documentation,
> I found:
> "Matrix right division and matrix left division are related by the
> equation B/A = (A'\B')' "
> Bests,
> Yan
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