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From: Kühl, Dietmar (Dietmar.Kuehl_at_[hidden])
Date: 1998-12-01 08:33:08


> Some folks are working on a set of composition function objects (remind me
> who please!).
I think that Nico wanted to work on this. I asked him recently but I said
that I had not come around to do anything for this yet.

> Some folks are working on a set of smart pointers (again, remind me who
> please!).
As far as I remember, Beman and Greg wanted to work on this. At least,
they proposed something which seemed to be relatively worked out.

> Anyone taking up the challenge of a set of pattern matching classes to sit
> on top of basic_string<> (as we once discussed when we were contemplating
> a
> text<> class)?
I know that Nathan is interested in this one. I have some ideas for this,
but currently I don't have the time to work it out. If there is no pattern
matching class available until end of this year, I will give it a try.

> Are we planning to hammer out any hash-based container classes?
There are hash-based containers free available as part of SGI STL. I don't
think that we should produce a competing version unless we are
uncomfortable with the SGI STL ones or if we have much better ideas.

> Here at IS Solutions, we've been putting together some file system classes
> (in Java, admittedly) that might fit in well with Dietmar's directory
> iterators... any interest in that?
In general I'm interested in having something like complete file system
access as a quite portable library. If you can sent the sources to me,
I would see what I can port to C++.

> Any other classes that might be worth exploring?
I want to produce an algorithm library for graph algorithms (simple ones
first, of course). Something like STL for graphs instead of sequences.
However, this will still take quite a while before I can release something
in this direction. If it is not in the scope of the Boost library, I would
release it independent from this library...

Also, I still want to produce a collection of stream buffers. I hope to
have this ready by the end of this year...

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