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From: Beman Dawes (beman_at_[hidden])
Date: 2000-01-09 20:55:22

At 01:34 AM 1/10/00 +0100, Dietmar Kuehl wrote:

>At 04:02 PM 1/9/00 -0500, you wrote:
>>At 07:46 PM 1/9/00 +0100, Nicolai Josuttis wrote:
>>>I'd prefer to rename Dietmars stuff for three reasons:
>>>- class array seemed to be a name that fits well
>>> and the name of the header follows from it
>>>- Dietmars class seems more to handle array_traits.
>>> So arraytraits.hpp might be a better name anyway.
>>>- I don't have to change anything :-)
>It is fine with me. This issue brings up the general topic of naming
>both for header files and classes to avoid conflicts with future
>packages in general. However, I don't know whether it is important
>enough to deal with...

It would be nice if we could see far enough into the future to
specify naming rules that will avoid all future conflicts. But we
seem to be doing pretty well just dealing with the naming issues one
at a time as they arise.

One thing on array traits - let's not have a header named
"arraytraits.hpp" containing a template called "array_traits".

>>Besides resolving name clashes, we need an overview page which
>>explains when to use array_traits<> vs array<> vs vector<> so users
>>don't get totally confused.
>Would that be worth an article in C++ Report's Boost column? Maybe
>Nico and I could to a joint article on this one. However, this does
>solve the problem of having the stuff covered in the documentaton...
>I have seen C++ Report articles online. Would it be permitted to
>provide the printed articles online at the Boost site, eg. from a
>which links to the C++ Report?

I think it would be great if you and Nico write a magazine article
once we get a stable version of the boost array library. (I am
thinking of it as a single array library, even if it contains your
(renamed) array_traits.hpp header and Nico's array.hpp.) I would
expect both the C++ Report and C/C++ User's Journal to be interested.

Usually when you sell an article to a magazine, there is an agreement
as to exactly what you are selling them. "One-time use", "all
rights", "all print rights" or whatever. So add a clause saying you
reserve the right to post a copy on the boost web site.


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