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From: Paul Moore (gustav_at_[hidden])
Date: 2000-07-02 07:30:32

From: Nathan Myers [mailto:ncm_at_[hidden]]
> If they allow you to use telnet to connect out, but not ssh, they are
> discouraging sound security practices,

:-( I know. Actually, I suspect that the telnet access is a bit of a
"loophole" - it's not (well) publicised, and I expect that if I pointed out
the issues, the access would simply be closed down, not replaced with ssh.

> Don't request such a thing through the management chain;
> instead, talk directly to the network administrator.

Biggest problem - I don't know who that is. The admin is generally handled
by a central group in Europe - our subsidiary in the UK works through

> If all else fails, you can use CVS from home, via a modem to an ISP.
> You can use those free AOL "500 hours" discs we are all inundated with
> for a modem account.

Yes, that's not a problem for me. The only issue I then have (related mainly
to my personal lack of organisation :-) is keeping the copy at home, and the
one at work, in line.

> That some people work at places which have choked off all possibility
> of normal CVS access is not a reason not to provide CVS services to
> the rest of us.

I agree wholeheartedly - and I never meant to suggest otherwise. My point
was the converse - that it would be a shame if understanding of, and access
to, CVS became a requirement for working on Boost, as it may exclude
otherwise valuable contributors (which category probably doesn't include

Anyway, I'm happy to see how things progress. If nothing else, I can be a
good testbed of the "non-CVS" routes for access...


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