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From: Dave Steffen (steffend_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-03-13 20:41:46

Toon Knapen writes:
> lums_at_[hidden] wrote:
> > Now, vendor-tuned libraries can give you good performance (which is
> > where BLAS get their reputation). The problem with this is that a)
> > the performance is not portable, b) you have to pay for them, c) they
> > are highly optimized for only the subset of BLAS necessary to market
> > their machines well, and d) the BLAS do not really cover everything
> > that you would want to do in an efficient way.
> I'm also definitly in favor of an C++ only approach. Nevertheless I
> think using in some cases BLAS internally would be necessary as a
> migration path.

 Maybe we should (try to) design our hypothetical library ("Boost
 BLASt"? ;-) so that it's reasonably easy to "plug in" calls to an
 available BLAS library if it's available. I.E. have

template <class Matrix, class Vector>
Matrix operator* (const Matrix& M, const Vector& v)
  // ... implement M * v

 ... and then, if BLAS happens to be available (or desirable), somehow
 we also get a specialization for something that BLAS can handle:

template <>
Matrix<double> operator* <Matrix<double>, Vector<double> >
                (const Matrix<double>& M, const Vector<double>& v)
        // ... calls DGEMV with appropriate stuff

 Now, I'm not claiming that I know how to build the machinery to do
 this; but it'd be a _really_ nice thing to have. ;-)

 I'm also thinking that this would make it _really_ easy to benchmark
 straight C++ solutions against local (tuned) BLAS routines.

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