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From: John Maddock (John_Maddock_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-07-09 06:20:03

The usual method is to cd into the <boost-root>/libs/regex directory and
run the configure script like this:

export CXX="aCC"

However in case you have tried this already:

>> aCC -DHPUX_SOURCE -g -I../../../ -c ../src/cregex.cpp
>Error 342: "../../../boost/regex/detail/regex_split.hpp", line 39 #
>Incomplete declarations may not have internal linkage.
> static const charT expression_text[] = { '\\', 's', '+', '\00', };

what happens if you change that to:

 static const charT expression_text[5] = { '\\', 's', '+', '\00', };

>Error 419: "/usr/include/sys/dirent.h", line 32 # 'ino_t' is used as
>a type, but has not been defined as a type.
> ino_t d_ino; /* file number of entry */
> ^^^^^

If you're getting errors from system headers then I don't know what the
issue is - maybe your changes to the Rogue Wave lib have broken something?

>Error 328: "../../../boost/regex/detail/fileiter.hpp", line 245 #
>Function '__assert' has not been defined yet; cannot call.
> assert(node >= file->_first);
> ^^^^^^

Since <cassert> is included and assert is obviously defined, I have no idea
why the call to __assert fails to compile.

>Error 738: "../src/cregex.cpp", line 377 # Template deduction failed
>to find a match for the call to 'operator !='.
> while(start != end)
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^

No idea about that one either - if you can't compare two iterators (they're
of type std::list<string>::iterator) - then what can you do? Maybe your
changes to Rogue Waves lib broke something again.

BTW I'm unfamiliar with aCC compiler versioning, is this a recent up to
date compiler or an older one that your using?

I'm also going to be on holiday again this week, so you may not get a
speedy reply (again) sorry!

- John Maddock

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