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From: Philip Nash (philip.nash_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-09-05 08:52:33

I think the original complaint (if that is the word) is that there are so
many libraries in boost already (and the trend is for there to be more and
more) that it is difficult to sift through and find the ones that are
personally applicable or useful.
In particular there are already a number of reasonably "domain specific" (in
some sense of the expression) libraries, the graph library being a case in

Perhaps now is the time for someone, or some people, to take a look at the
organisation of boost as a whole. Nothing too major, but just a sensible
grouping of libraries, maybe in a hierarchical fashion, so the average
individual can more easily identify the core generic libaries that are very
likely to be useful (like smart_ptr, for example), the useful
general-purpose-but-not-used-in-every-application libraries (like regex),
and the libraries that are more domain specific (maybe that is not the right
term, I don't mean business domain so much as general problem domain. I
would include boost.threads in this as it is, by its very nature, specific
to multithreaded programming). There has been talk of more truly business
domain specific libaries too..
Of course if anything too fancy were attempted it would either never be
completed in the first place, or would impede ongoing maintenance and

On the subject of publishing printed material, "Effective Boost" anyway? :-)


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> At 03:35 PM 8/24/2001, md656 wrote:
> >> Oh yes we can :-). Where there's a need there's a library.
> >
> >I asked this question because Boost is to huge to master. So,
> what shall
> I
> >do? Should I study the complete library?
> One thing that has happened with other libraries is that some
> author steps
> forward and writes a book which explains the library. A book on
> the Boost
> Graph Library is well along in the publication process, for example.
> There have already been several magazine articles about Boost
> libraries. I
> guess we should start a "Boost in Print" page for the web site that lists
> publications. Any volunteers?
> --Beman
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