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From: Beman Dawes (bdawes_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-02-07 13:29:09

At 12:51 AM 2/7/2002, David Abrahams wrote:

>I agree with you that consistency is important. I don't have a strong
>opinion about which way is "correct". I think on compilers that
>"..." from <...> there are advantages to the user to being able to
>everything in his application with "..." and everything outside with
>but I'm open to other schemes. I would love to see an argument about this
>which appeals to reasoning stronger than "Bjarne thinks it should work
>way" or "lots of people do it this way". So far, I never have.

Read the standard carefully, particularly 16.2. 16.2 paragraph 2 specifies
<...> for "headers", while paragraph 3 specifies "..." for "source files".

In the standard (although not in everyday programmer terminology) the term
"header" means headers from the standard library. It does not mean user
"source files". Thus it is technically undefined behavior to use <...> to
include a user source file.

I think that is what makes people unhappy when they see <...> used for user
files rather than standard library header files. Technically it is
undefined behavior.

Do you read 16.2 as giving more latitude?


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