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From: Greg Comeau (comeau_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-07-06 21:47:39

In article <046401c22553$17dfee60$45422597_at_bagio>,
Giovanni Bajo <boost_at_[hidden]> wrote:
>From: "Greg Comeau" <comeau_at_[hidden]>
>> * __int64: I wasn't sure what the issue was here
>It was related to the fact that Comeau in strict mode does not support
>__int64, so we needed a way to correctly detect its use. It's now fixed,
>with an explicit check against _MSC_VER.

If I'm not mistaken, that's done in strict mode too, by our
preprocessor'ing it to a long long. Of course, in strict mode,
long long is not recognized unless --long_long is used.

>> * Some discussion occurred about windows.h, but I'm not sure why that
>> has any significance to Boost (after all, Boost runs on non-Windows
>> platforms).
>Because there are some libraries that need access to platform specific
>APIs. For example, to access the files or the timer. The problem is
>still unsolved here: Comeau in strict mode can't be seen as a
>fully-compliant Windows platform (because e.g. windows.h doesn't
>compile in strict mode). On the other hand, under Windows we don't
>have support for POSIX or similar. So currently, for instance,
>there is no way Comeau (strict mode) can pass the Boost.Regex
>regression test.

Doesn't that mean no compiler can either then?

>> * Most all versions of 4.3.0 beta were setting _MSC_VER to 1, in all
>> Giovanni pointed this out, since previously this was only done in
>> strict_mode. This was added as an interim crutch while adding the other
>> new backends that are now supported, and setting _MSC_VER to 1 in
>> non-strict mode has now been removed, after verifying that all out tests
>> are able to run w/o it.
>This is very important, since it's the only way Boost has to detect strict
>mode. Thank you for changing it back to the previous semantic.

How does boost work with Comeau C++ under LI/U/NIX in strict mode?

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