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From: Geoff Leyland (geoff.leyland_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-10-25 08:00:55


I've just seen all the stuff that's been going on discussing
integration. I don't have a lot to say about integration itself (to me
it seems that the problems of integrating a function f(x) and
integrating a series of data only available at fixed x's are quite
different, and it's probably best not to try to impose the same
interface on both of them, but I'm hardly an expert), however there was
some talk of ODE solving.

I'm surprised that boosters have an interest in this, but if so...

I'd be VERY interested in such a library. I have aging code
implementing a number of methods (none of which are particularly
special), but it's not really what's been done that's interesting, more
the insight I got into how I should have done it.
What's more I may have a simulation-type project coming up which would
need both stiff solvers and interpolation within a step (as opposed to
the runge-kutta, and I think bullrisch-stoer methods I used before).
As far as I can tell, most codes exist already in FORTRAN, so perhaps
all that is needed is defining an interface to these methods (which I am
begining to think should be based around using a "step" as the basic
object), or whether, as some of these codes are (to my not very FORTRAN
familiar eyes) not very easy to read, whether it wouldn't be worth
re-writing some of the simpler methods in c++.

So, if there's any interest in ODEs, perhaps there's a need to
talk/argue about what the interfaces should look like, and then about
what methods could be re-written in c++ (remembering that we have ublas
now) and what methods could be implemented with interfaces to existing


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