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From: Justin M. Lewis (boost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-05-03 15:28:21

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From: "Tanton Gibbs" <thgibbs_at_[hidden]>
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Sent: Saturday, May 03, 2003 12:57 PM
Subject: Re: [boost] Re: in/out parameters, codingstylesandmaintenance

> >When you say, let's try an actual example, what do you expect, do you
> >me to write a whole program? I would think that anyone who's been doing
> >software work, especially anyone who has ever supported old code, would
> have
> >seen examples of exactly what I'm talking about. But, outside of that,
> I've
> >given plenty of examples.
> I've been following this thread the entire way through, and I believe that
> most of what can be said, has been. I would like to point out to the OP
> that arguing with people will never make then agree with you, it will just
> increase their willingness to disagree. However, what might actually
> some minds is what you said in the first sentence above, use this in an
> actual program. I am of the opinion that too many seemingly bright ideas
> get implemented and used without being adaquately examined in a real
> environment. Therefore, on your next project, try this code out. If you
> already have, then upload the program in the files section and we'll look
> it and determine then.

Ummm, so, the suggestion is for me to take proprietary code from work, and
post it on the internet. I'm not sure that would go over so well.

 Honestly, I can't really see the point. If I don't
> know what a function does, I would rather look it up and find out. It
> really doesn't matter to me if it changes it's input or not if I don't
> know what the function is supposed to do. I know you mentioned that it is
> nightmare to do with hundreds of functions, but with modern editiors, it
> not that hard of a task, and can be performed fairly trivially in emacs,
> or Visual C++. To me, the out and in_out functions merely clutter the
> up and only provide minimal benefits. You asked for our opinions, and we
> gave them to you. I'm sorry you find them displeasing, but I hope they'll
> help you in the future.
> Good luck, and let us know when you get a file uploaded so that we can
> examine it.
> Tanton

Everyone's opinion aside, I've been using this style in my code, and find it
completely unobtrusive. It makes the code more clear at no cost. People
start using the libraries I write, and the use of my libraries is clear
throughout the code. As time goes on, and we move into our next project,
I'll use the idea throughout, and it will make maintenance easier in the
long run. I only brought it here because I've found it useful myself, and
thought others might as well. Now, I know some people are interested. I
know that this will be used where I work, although I can't say to what
degree yet. I know other programmers outside of work who think it's a good
idea, and may end up using it.

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