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From: Paul A. Bristow (boost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-09-30 03:13:16

With your (and others) guidance, I confirm your suggestions that it is highly
convenient to use

#pragma(lib, "unit_test.lib")

inside your boost/config/autolink.hpp which is in turn placed inside

so the *only* requirement for the user is to put:

#include boost/test/unit_test.hpp

(and use test_main in place of main)

in his test program when all the BOOST_CHECK etc test tools become available.

(and of course a once off to copy/build and store the family of test libraries

// libtest_tools_library_vc71_ssd.lib for debug
// lib_test_toolslibrary_vc71_ss.lib for release
// copied from Unit_test_library.lib /debug and /release
// to $(VCInstallDir)lib == C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

The appropriate debug/release/static/dynamic library is automatically selected
by auto_link.

This is highly convenient for MSVC and Borland users at least.

AND it allows my original objective of allowing users programs to be compiled in
'strict' mode without getting complaints from the test tools (which give level 4
warnings, and for the execution_monitor require MS language extensions to
compile winnt.h). This should make it easy to improve code quality and
portability which many believe comes from purging most warnings.

Sample build info is:

MSVC++ compiler Version 7.1
Auto_linked with library test_tools.
Linking to lib file: libtest_tools_vc71_ss.lib

Many thanks.


Paul A Bristow, Prizet Farmhouse, Kendal, Cumbria, LA8 8AB UK
+44 1539 561830 Mobile +44 7714 33 02 04

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In case, if it is any help in refining the process:

To boost/config/auto_link.hpp I added:

# error "Required Macro BOOST_LIB_NAME not defined!"

#pragma message("Auto_linked with library " BOOST_LIB_NAME ".")

#include <boost/config.hpp> // Ensure BOOST_MSVC is defined.


// Might want to warn if won't get an autolink?
# pragma message ("Auto-link only works for MSVC and Borland!") ? Intel too?
#endif // _MSC_VER || __BORLANDC__

And to unit_test.hpp I added:

#include <boost/config.hpp> // for BOOST_MSVC definition

#define BOOST_LIB_DIAGNOSTIC "on" // Report library file details (if desired)
#define BOOST_LIB_NAME "test_tools" //

<<< Aside: What if wanted BOTH regex AND test_tools?

#include <boost/config/auto_link.hpp>
// For auto-linking, similar to
//#pragma comment(lib, "test_tools_library.lib")
// Links to lib file: libtest_tools_vc71_ssd.lib for debug
// Links to lib file: libtest_tools_vc71_ss.lib for release
// These have been copied from test_tools_library.lib /debug and /release
// to $(VCInstallDir)lib
// == for example C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\Vc7\lib\
// and (re)named as above.

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