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From: Daniel Frey (daniel.frey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-10-10 06:01:56

First of all, my vote is to accept enable_if.

It's one of those "little" things that you just need, I'm glad it's
available now. Basically everything looks fine to me.

Now why I made this a reply to Gennadiy's post:

Gennadiy Rozental wrote:
> 1. lazy_enable_if
> Shouldn't be this named apply_enable_if. It very similar to the appropriate
> MPL concept and seems logical to be named the same.
> 3. utility or mpl?
> It seems that submitted components belongs rather to mpl library that to
> utility. What about placing it there?

Where to start? I got the impression that a shift in the views of
several boosters occured during the last months. While boost was
previously a collection of separate components and therefore what I call
a library, it is becoming something different. It seems that most thing
are seen in the context of MPL today. While this is necessary for the
MPL itself, it puts a price on other components.

I don't want to judge this, it's just an observation so far and I'd like
to raise my concerns about it. The MPL is IMHO a framework, not a
library. It depends on conventions others have to fulfill. The
implementation and documentation of enable_if is much larger than what
it would probably be without the MPL.

Also, the MPL seems to contain things that would - to me - make sense in
other parts of boost. Shouldn't template-traits be part of the
type-traits library? When I posted some ideas to add template-traits to
the type-traits library, I was told that the MPL already contains these
parts. Point 3 from above now even suggests to move enable_if to MPL.

I think we should try to separate MPLs parts that can be used on their
own instead of moving more and more into it. While the MPL is certainly
a cool library, I also think that there are a lot of people that simply
don't have the time to care about it that much. Those people (and I
count myself among them when working on a project with a tight shedule)
prefer very small and straight-forward components AFAIT. In my code, I
would like to use

enable_if< myBool, myType >::type

without the _c. It's easier to write, read and teach to colleagues. I
can live with the _c, but I don't like it. It's one of the visible costs
the MPL framework places on otherwise unrelated components.

Do others share my concerns?

Regards, Daniel

Daniel Frey
aixigo AG - financial training, research and technology
Schloß-Rahe-Straße 15, 52072 Aachen, Germany
fon: +49 (0)241 936737-42, fax: +49 (0)241 936737-99
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