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From: Paul A. Bristow (boost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-12-15 05:18:51

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| Sent: Monday, December 15, 2003 7:14 AM
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| Subject: Re: [boost] new compile-time dimensional analysis and unit
| library
| I have been focusing on correctness rather than compile-time efficiency.

Fine, for now.

| > Test_units fails to compile (after 30 sec) :
| The compile time error looks to me like a bug from an old header that
| somehow crept back into the code. I've posted a corrected version
| which fixes the problem.

Thanks, Ill try that.

| > #ifdef _MSC_VER
| > # pragma warning(disable: 4511) // copy constructor could not be
| > generated
| Can you remind me - do pragmas apply only to the file in which they
| appear or do they propagate?

They continue to apply until changed. But the better way to disable is to push
and pop as Reece Dunn recently proposed. I have recently suggested that we need
a Boost 'Standard' way of doing this, and agreement on what warnings should be
disabled routinely (in Boost config perhaps).

| Ultimately, I'd like to track down
| these warnings and see about making them go away, assuming that they're
| not completely spurious or otherwise incorrect.

This is the Really Right Thing to DO, of course :-)

(Reece (?) also recently suggested deriving

  class YourClass :: public boost::noncopyable

 and this worked for me on one example.

| As far as astronomical unit systems go, I only really know of
| astronomical distances so I'll do an example setting up two models, one
| with light years and another with parsecs and make them convertible
| using light years as the model for conversions?

Looks OK to me but perhaps someone can run it past one of these strange
astronomers ...

| I've also got some minimal documentation forthcoming in the next while...

I look forward to this.


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