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From: Matthias Schabel (boost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-12-16 17:16:45

> But so far I can't build YANL2.1. It reports end of file in comment in
> operator.hpp and a blizzard of errors if I ensure MS language
> extensions (not
> necessary before).
> The cause is no doubt simple but not obvious to me yet. (The file does
> end in a
> newline, as it should to be 'Standard'so the real problem is
> elsewhere).

This is probably a Macintosh/Windows/UNIX line ending issue. I use the
Metrowerks IDE
on the Mac and it has a predilection for choosing Macintosh rather than
UNIX style line
endings. I've gone through and manually changed these for all the
files. Hopefully the
problem will go away.

> Please could you upload Yet Another zip. It would be MUCH more
> convenient to
> have it in the conventional Boost structure and zip with the 'keep
> folder'
> option so it unzips into the right places. I suggest boost/dimensions
> for the
> .hpp files
> and boost/libs/dimension/ for the cpp files, and the html that you are
> so busy
> writing ;-)

I've just finished boostifying most of the library; I decided to use
boost::units to mirror
the existing namespace structure, but naturally I'm not wedded to it.
I'm too cheap to
buy Stuffit for my machine, so I'll need to figure out how to get gzip
to retain directory
info first... For now you'll find two archives in the Yahoo files
section, one for headers
and one for test files.

Also, as Phil Richards mentioned, there are two loosely related
sub-components to the library :
the dimensional analysis portion and the units portion, the latter
depending on the former but not
vice-versa. Perhaps it makes sense to decouple them as separate
libraries, since the dimensional
analysis engine is unit system and angle agnostic (demonstrated in
and test_merged.cpp).


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