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From: Edward Diener (eddielee_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-04-05 20:22:38

Hartmut Kaiser wrote:
> David Abrahams wrote:
>>> First off, BCP is excellent. Here is a suggestion which
>> might make it
>>> even more excellent, but it might not be deemed doable or important
>>> enough considering the extra parsing that needs to be done. I would
>>> like to see BCP be able to take a compiler-version/operating
>>> system/standard library, or some combination of these
>> possibilities,
>>> and produce its file list with these extra narrowing possibilities.
>>> This would largely mean being able to look at the config files and
>>> eliminate the files which don't pertain to a particular
>>> compiler/os/standard library, but it might also affect
>> other files among Boost's headers and libraries.
>>> My idea is that one may want to only distribute certain Boost files
>>> and libraries for a particular implementation, whereas BCP
>> gives all
>>> related files for a particular file without considering
>> specific implementations.
>>> I realize that such an undertaking may be a considerable amount of
>>> work and I am not trying to saddle John Maddock with it,
>> especially as
>>> manually eliminating files which do not pertain to a particular
>>> implementation may be fairly easy. Ideally, however, it
>> would be nice
>>> if one could do this programatically.
>> Sounds like a job for the Wave preprocessor.
> As far as the only task is to extract the file names of all included
> files given a set of pp constants (compiler/library/platfrom
> specific) this is supported by Wave out of the box. For this to
> happen I'd propose you create config files containing the
> corresponding macro definitions to mimic the needed compiler etc. For
> instance for the VC7.1 this would look like:
> vc7.1.cfg:
> -D_MSC_VER=1310
> -D_MSC_FULL_VER=13103077
> etc.
> Regards Hartmut
> BTW: There is a sample included in the Wave package, which shows how
> to use the include file listing feature (list_includes).

I think the problem is more complicated. First off, the BCP program has the
ability to specify header files, libraries, HTML files and links, licenses,
and perhaps other things needed for a distribution. Secondly, my suggestion
was more one of exclusion rather than inclusion. Once list of files has
been created by BCP I want it to exclude those files which are specific to a
compiler-version/platform/standard-library which does not match the
particular one(s) I have chosen.

I will look at Wave and while I believe that Wave may be able to tell me
what header files make up the list when a particular set of macros is
defined, something I feel is excellent in its own way, I don't know if that
will be a complete solution for which BCP was created. Thanks, nonetheless,
for bringing to my attention this capability of Wave.

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