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From: Larry Evans (cppljevans_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-06-13 14:46:02

On 06/13/2004 04:19 AM, David B. Held wrote:
> These are the kinds of questions that seem like they would be
> fairly common to Boost library authors. Are other libraries just
> including the sources directly?
> Dave

Dave, I can sympathize with you. I took your earlier policy_ptr
tests with the makefile and created a Jamfile.v2; however, after trying
to compiler from a separate source tree without success (IIRC), I
moved the sources to a subdirectory of boost:


this worked with the following Jamfile.v2 in the test directory:
import testing ;

project manged_ptr_test
         : requirements <hardcode-dll-paths>true
         : default-build debug
     test-suite "managed_ptr"
         : [ run own_rent_ptr.cpp


and with the following Jamfile.v2 in the development directory:
project boost
     : requirements
     : usage-requirements
and with the following Jamfile.v2 in boost-root.ln:
# This is Boost Jamfile for Boost.Build V2.
# Currently, known to work on Linux with gcc
# To build Boost with it, run
# bjam --v2 link=static
# from the top-level directory

project boost
     : requirements <include>.
     : usage-requirements <include>.
     : build-dir ./build_dir

build-project libs/test/build ;
build-project libs/date_time/build ;
build-project libs/regex/build ;
build-project libs/signals/build ;
build-project libs/graph/build ;

# Comment this out if you don't have Python2.2 installed
build-project libs/python/build ;
build-project libs/thread/build ;
build-project libs/filesystem/build ;

I think the only change I made to the toplevel Jamfile.v2
from what came with the download from boost was the build-dir specification.

Anyway, here's the output:
cd /home/evansl/prog_dev/boost-root.ln/development/libs/managed_ptr/test/
bjam --v2
...found 410 targets...
...updating 4 targets...
...updated 4 targets...

Compilation finished at Sun Jun 13 14:25:52


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