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From: Reece Dunn (msclrhd_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-07-26 16:45:29

Tom Brinkman wrote:
>Mini-reviews would be very useful. I’m shur that each
>boost developer/user could contribute a few small,
>useful algorithms. It would be a great way to
>increase the level of participation by developers who
>want to contribute but don’t have the time to write a
>complete library.

I agree. What about small/simple classes, e.g. an object_counter class that
keept track of the number of instances of all objects derived from it? This
would also make it easier to extend existing libraries like mpl and
filesystem (directory iterator).

Is there a streamlined system for restructuring a library or changing its
interface, e.g. Boost.Random and Boost.Iterator?

>We should also discuss to where to place the
>algorithms /code within the boost namespace.

This would depend upon the type of functions. I can think of the reciprocal
trigonometric functions:

   sec x = 1 / cos x
   csc x = 1 / sin x
   cot x = 1 / tan x = cos x / sin x

These would best reside in boost::math. Others would fit in different

I suggest that any mathematics-related algorithms be placed in boost::math,
string manipulation algorithms boost::algorithm::string and the others in
boost::algorithm. General classes would go in the boost namespace. If the
algorithm/class is an extension of an existing library, that should reside
in the library's namespace. If the developer wants the algorithm(s)/class to
go into a different namespace, a rational should be given.

>I could create a document that lists all the
>algorithms under consideration with a small summary.
>The boost members could than accept/reject each
>algorithm and offer suggestions.

It would also be worth considering where the algorithms/classes should
reside (w.r.t. the files section and the boost-sandbox). It would also be
useful to post the algorithms/classes and their descriptions in the review
e-mail to facilitate discussion with a link to the code.


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