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From: tom brinkman (reportbase_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-08-28 12:00:38

Review Wizard Status Report

1) Summary
2) Review Managers Needed
3) Review Schedule
4) Libraries under development

1) Summary

Daryle Walker's library "More IO" is currently under review,
starting August 21, 2004. Download the library at:
Please post a review of this library if you have not already done so.
For information about submitting a Formal Review, see

The next library to be reviewed is Jonathan Turkanis "IOStreams" library.
The "Iostreams" library allows the easy creation of standard C++ streams and
stream buffer classes for new data sources and sinks. Download the library
Be prepared to review this library in the next few days.

If there are no objections, starting with the "More IO" library, I will
attach an ID number to each reviewed library. Please reference this ID
number in any postings to the group. This will help in organizing the
reviews and assist in searching for related postings.

I've also added a permanent section to this status report, called
"Libraries Under Development". The purpose of this section is to
prevent duplication of effort and support collaberation between library
authors. Please contact me to add libraries to this section.

If you have any suggestions about how I could improve
the Review Wizard's status report,
please email me at

2) Review Managers Needed

If you would like to volunteer to be a review manager, please contact me at

The following libraries still require review manager volunteers:
10006 - Named Parms
10007 - Policy Pointer
10008 - Wave
10009 - Finite State Machine (FSM)
10010 - Fixed Strings

3) Review Schedule

August 21, 2004         10001 - More IO (Currently Under Review)
August 28, 2004         10002 - Iostreams
September 7, 2004 10003 - Output Formatters
September 15, 2004      10004 - Mini-Review wiki algorithims
September 17, 2004      10005 - Smart Containers
September 27, 2004      10006 - Named Params
October 6, 2004    10007 - Policy Pointer
October 16, 2004   10008 - Wave
October 26, 2004   10009 - Finite State Machine (FSM)
November 4, 2004 10010 - Fixed Strings

10001 - August 21, 2004         More IO (Currently Under Review)
        Author - Daryle Walker - darylew_at_[hidden]
        Review Manager - Tom Brinkman - reportbase_at_[hidden]

        Download: [or]

        Provides a multitude of I/O-oriented extensions.  Some are extra
        manipulators; variants of "std::endl", a resetting manipulator, and a
        configurable manipulator.  The library includes a set of base class
        templates for wrapping a new stream-buffer type around a stream class.

        Changes from the last interim version (called ""):
        * split the manipulator header into several headers
        * refined the license statements in some already-affected files

        Changes from the first formal review (called ""):
        * refined the interface and implementation of array-streams and
        stream-buffer wrappers (including a wrapping example)
        * added the null-stream, value-stream, and pointer-stream headers
        * added generalizations to the new-line and skip-line manipulators
        * added the non-oriented 'reset' and 'form' manipulators
        * split the manipulator header into several headers
        * changed the license statements

10002 - August 28, 2004         Iostreams
        Author - Jonathan Turkanis - turkanis_at_[hidden]
        Review Manager - Jeff Garland - jeff_at_[hidden]



        The Iostreams Library serves two main purposes:
        To allow the easy creation of standard C++ stream and stream
        buffer classes for new data sources and sinks.
        To provide a convenient interface for defining i/o filters and
        attaching them to standard streams and stream buffers.
        The library focuses on freeing users from writing boiler plate code
        and allowing them instead to create highly reusable components.
        In addition to providing an abstract framework the library provides
        a number of concrete filters, sources and sinks which serve as example
        applications of the library but are also useful in their own right.
        These include components for accessing memory-mapped files (based on
        work of Craig Henderson), for file access via operating system file
        descriptors, for code conversion, for text filtering with regular
        expressions, for line-ending conversion and for compression and
        decompression in the zlib, gzip and bzip2 formats.

10003 - September 7, 2004    Output Formatters
        Author - Reece Dunn - msclrhd_at_[hidden]
        Review Manager - John Torjo - john_at_[hidden]

                boost-sandbox/boost-sandbox/boost/outfmt/ [or]

        The I/O formatters library provides an easy and customizable way to
        input/output arrays, STL arrays, STL collections, sub-arrays from/to
        STL streams. It allows you to configure how each element in such an
        array will be written to the stream or read from the stream,
        while providing reasonable defaults.

10004 - September 15, 2004      Mini-Review wiki algorithims
        Author - Various
        Review Manager - Tom Brinkman - reportbase_at_[hidden]

        Download: to be determined
        Description: not available

10005 - September 17, 2004      Smart Containers
        Author - Thorsten Ottosen - nesotto_at_[hidden]
        Review Manager - Pavol Droba - droba_at_[hidden]

        the boost sandbox: ptr_container

        The Smart Container Library consists of several container classes
        that are capable of storing heap-allocated objects in an
        exception-safe manner. The interface of the container classes
        effectively hides the underlying pointers so one can work
        on objects directly; this indirection is done to make
        the classes safer and easier to use. The library can also
        be customized to allow, for example, that a container does not rake
        ownership of the stored objects.

10006 - September 27, 2004      Named Params
        Co-Authors - David Abrahams - dave_at_[hidden]) &
                                Daniel Wallin (dalwan01_at_[hidden])
        Review Manager - to be determined

        Boost sandbox
        boost/named_params.hpp [and]

        This library is an attempt to address the problems of positional
        parameters by associating each parameter with a keyword
        identifier. Using this library, users can identify parameters by name
        instead of just argument position, and pass them in any order:

        window* w = new_window("alert2", movable = movability, opacity = 50);

10007 - October 6, 2004     Policy Pointer
        Author - David Held - dheld_at_[hidden]
        Review Manager - to be determined

        available via boost CVS

        Smart pointers are used to automate memory management by handling the
        deletion of dynamically allcoated objects (and other resources).
        They assist in ensuring program correctness, exception safety, and
        memory integrity. Policy Pointer is a policy-based smart
        pointer framework designed to accomodate the large number of
        smart pointer designs. Through the use of policy classes,
        virtually any smart pointer type can be constructed within this
        framework. This library is a Boostification of the original
        Loki::SmartPtr type with significant modifications.

10008 - October 16, 2004   Wave
        Author - Hartmut Kaiser - hartmutkaiser_at_[hidden]
        Review Manager - to be determined


        The Wave C++ preprocessor library is a Standards
        conformant implementation of the mandated C99/C++
        preprocessor functionality
        packed behind a simple to use interface,
        which integrates well with the well
        known idioms of the Standard Template Library (STL). It uses the
        Spirit[4] parser construction library to implement a C++ lexer
        with SO/ANSI Standards conformant preprocessing
        capabilities. It exposes an iterator
        interface, which returns the current preprocessed
        token from the input stream. This preprocessed token is
        generated on the fly while iterating over the preprocessor
        iterator sequence (in the terminology of the STL these
        iterators are forward iterators).

10009 - October 26, 2004   Finite State Machine (FSM)
        Author - Andreas Huber - ah2003_at_[hidden]
        Review Manager - to be determined



        The boost::fsm library is a framework that allows you to quickly
        transform a UML state chart into executable C++ code, without needing
        to use a code generator. Thanks to support for almost all UML
        features the transformation is straight-forward and the resulting C++
        code is a nearly redundancy-free textual description of the state

10010 - November 4, 2004 Fixed Strings
        Author - Reece Dunn - msclrhd_at_[hidden]
        Review Manager - to be determined

        boosts-sandbox/boost/fixed_string [or]

        The fixed string library provides buffer overrun protection for static
        sized strings (char s[ n ]). It provides a C-style string
        interface for compatibility with C code (for
        example, porting a C program to C++).
        There is also a std::string-style interface using a class based on
        flex_string by Andre Alexandrescu with a few limitations due to the
        non-resizable nature of the class.

4) Libraries under development

10011 boost::xpressive - Under Development
        Eric Niebler (eric_at_[hidden])
        Boost sandbox at

        Advanced regular expression template library that allows regexes to
        be written as expression templates (statically bound) or as
        strings (dynamically bound) and allows regexes to
        nest and call each other recursively (like perl6) and
        bind to semantic actions (like Spirit).

        Development status:
        Under active development. Basic functionality in place.

10012 boost::geometry2d - Under Development
        Aleksey Gurtovoy
        simple cartesian geometry classes (point<>, rectangle<>, etc.)

        yahoogroups files section, geometry2d/
        Development status:
        basic functionality working

Tom Brinkman
Boost Review Wizard

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