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From: Francis ANDRE (francis.andre_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-09-18 13:54:55

> What I would
> like is to have the VC IDE projects setup so that they use the same places
> as bjam.

In MSVC, you could avoid to have a absolute path for a "outside" library by
putting only a relative path or the library name itself as:

and specify a global library path to apply to all projects (which is the
case for the test_exec_monitor of the serialization lib) using the tab
and then specifies where is located

For my configuration of the serialization tests, I am using a global
variable BOOST that sets up the global path for looking for libraries to
$(BOOST)/lib and I remove all the C:\boost\lib from the *.vcproj

(the tab has also a global path setup for includes, executable and so on)

In this way, you can get both the best of the bjam batch and the natural VC

Francis ANDRE

A good friend will come bail you out of jail..........
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"Robert Ramey" <ramey_at_[hidden]> a écrit dans le message de
> > 1) Hard-coded paths should be avoided.
> >Example: test_exported project contains path
> >c:/boost/lib/libboost_test_exec_monitor-vc71-sgd.lib.
> >Instead it should contain:
> .
> -
> >1_32.lib"
> >2) Notice quotes around the new path above. It is recommended to use
> >for paths that may contain spaces. For example if ProjectDir variable was
> >C:\My Tests you will get confusing build error message.
> >The above applies to many other serialization test projects.
> I've struggled with this on and off.
> On one hand ,I like to use the VC IDE and for that I need the test
> - 50 of them !
> On the other hand, I like bjam also for buiding testing everything in
> mode for all the compiler combinations I use.
> So my main problem is having it both ways.  The IDE "likes" to place to
> intermediate objects, libraries, etc in certain places in the directory
> while bjam "likes" to put them in an entirely different place.  What I
> like is to have the VC IDE projects setup so that they use the same places
> as bjam.  Without this I end up with two copies of intermediate objects in
> different places and this can sometimes create confusion which wastes a
> of time. However, implementing this has a couple of issues.
> a) it's a pain to setup up 50 the vc projects to use the bjam locations. .
> I've changed the type of build, threading, use dll vs static lib, etc a
> couple of times and it's a huge pain each time.
> b) it requires that bjam already have been run once in order to create the
> required directories
> >If anybody wants me, I'll be more than happy to test and suggest fixes
> >MSVC builds, versions 6,7.1 or 8.0 Express. IOW, so much I dislike bjam.
> If you want to fix up the whole set of projects for vc 7.1 and vc 6 ide
> consistent with the above I would be appreciative. Let me know if you want
> to do this and I'll send you my most recent copies.  Then you can send it
> back and I can test it and check it in.
> >Nothing specific for bjam, though: there is not a single cross-platform
> >build tool that I liked, like or will ever like.
> LOL - Build systems and issues in general drive me crazy.  So do
> in compiler function re arcane corners of C++. So does rap music.
> Robert Ramey
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