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From: Robert Ramey (ramey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-09-30 00:11:29

Following up,

I've been investigating the problem with STLPort builds of the serialization
system. I believe that the explanation why your tests fail and mine pass
are due to the fact that your tests build/test using the stlport dll and I
was using the static library version.

Now I'm building with the DLL libraries and I'm getting similar results to
those you are.

I believe the problem is that STLPort file _locale.h contains code like the

class _STLP_CLASS_DECLSPEC locale {
  template <class _Facet>
  locale(const locale& __loc, _Facet* __f) : _M_impl(0)

Where _STLP_CLASS_DECLSPEC is defined as __declspec( dllimport ) when the
header is used for purpose other than building the stlport dll.

The templated constructor is invoked by the serialization library.
Unfortunately, the functions for the locale class definition is already
compiled and already in the dll. At link time the template - even inline -
are not found.

I would characterize this a conflict between the class export dll
implementation and templated constructors - which this implemention

I'm not yet sure how to handle this now - anyone who wants can post a
suggestion. Meanwhile, I'll keep thinking about it.

Robert Ramey

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Aleksey Gurtovoy [mailto:agurtovoy_at_[hidden]]
> Sent: Wednesday, September 29, 2004 9:42 AM
> To:
> Cc: Robert Ramey; Boost Regression
> Subject: Re: [boost] Test failure with STLPort
> [Robert, sorry for the late reply]
> Robert Ramey writes:
> > I've noticed that you are testing the serialization library with the
> toolset
> > msvc-stlport.
> >
> > I've tested that here and got most of to pass - at least as well as
> standard
> > msvc.
> >
> > I had to make some changes though and I believe that you will have to
> make
> > similar ones if you want the test to pass.
> >
> > I had to invoke the following before running the tests.
> >
> > export STLPORT_PATH="c:/"
> > export STLPORT_VERSION=4.5.3
> > export STLPORT_INCLUDE_DIRECTORY="c:/program files/Microsoft Visual
> > Studio/vc98/include/stlport"
> >
> > my stlport install process created a special set of stlport header files
> in
> > the msvc include directory. This is and altered version of the original
> > ones. The original ones compiler ok but they have some switches set so
> that
> > some inline code is not included and this makes the test builds fail at
> link
> > time.
> I'm afraid this claim is incorrect. I just performed the install process
> you
> are talking about above and the headers that end up in the
> "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\Include\stlport\" directory
> are *exactly* the same as the ones from a freshly unpacked archive. File
> to
> file, byte to byte. You can use any kind of directory comparison tool to
> verify it yourself.
> So, whatever causes the differences in results you are seeing locally and
> the results reported in the regression reports, it's not a misconfigured
> installation.
> Hmm, looking at the serialization library errors with our msvc-stlport
> toolset
> (MSVC 6.5/STLPort 4.5.3) -- the following, for instance (from
>, -- there is no way this could have linked in
> the same
> configuration (that is, dynamically linking to STLPort):
> Creating library
> C:\Users\Administrator\boost\main\results\bin\boost\libs\serialization\tes
> t\test_array_binary_archive.test\msvc-stlport\debug\thread
> ing-multi\test_array_binary_archive.lib and object
> C:\Users\Administrator\boost\main\results\bin\boost\libs\serialization\tes
> t\test_array_binary_archive.test\msvc-stlport\debug\thread
> ing-multi\test_array_binary_archive.exp
> libboost_serialization.lib(binary_oarchive.obj) : error LNK2001:
> unresolved external symbol
> "__declspec(dllimport) public: __thiscall _STL::locale::locale(class
> locale::locale const &,
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> class boost::archive::codecvt_null<char> *)"
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> The missing symbol above is an specialization of a member function
> template of
> a dllimport-ed class (_STL::locale) residing in the STLPort DLL, which
> (member template) is parametrized by a user-defined type. This is *known*
> not
> to work with MSVC 6.x; the DLL doesn't contain the requested
> specialization
> (naturally), and the compiler fails to instantiate one on demand in the
> current
> translation unit. See, for instance,
> Are you sure you are building in this exact configuration, using bjam +
> standard
> 'msvc-stlport' toolset from the CVS + unmodified STLPort 4.5.3
> installation?
> Could you please double-check that?
> If could upload your bjam log of such successful build to our FTP
> (, it would be also appreciated.
> We really need to sort this out, so if anybody has anything to add to the
> above,
> please do!
> --
> Aleksey Gurtovoy
> MetaCommunications Engineering

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