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From: Victor A. Wagner Jr. (vawjr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-11-06 17:24:01

At Saturday 2004-11-06 10:11, you wrote:
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>| Subject: [boost] Re: Math functions - requirements 'spec'
>| Hubert Holin wrote:
>| >
>| > I must say I *strongly* disagree with having code with is C
>| > compatible, mainly because this will greatly hamper
>| genericity (or at
>| > least convenient and safe parametrisation of code).
>| >
>| > Even if the code turns up only feasible for, say, float and
>| > double, I strongly believe it should be templated upon the floating
>| > type, with specializations if need be. The C library in C++
>| clothing
>| > approach is just plain wrong, IMHO.
>| >
>| I completely agree with this. It makes no sense to have a C++ library
>| that does not use the full strength of the language.
>This view has already been expressed several times
>- but we have to face the fact that
>C99 and Walter Brown's functions are already in TR-1 to achieve C
>I consider it essential to follow their example.

F*** C comparability!!! (I gotta go make that bumper sticker suCks
(with the C in a different color))
the language should have died a decade ago.
In case anyone else doesn't get it, C++ is simply a better
language. Staying tied to a dinosaur is foolish.

>(Perhaps you should check PJP's reasoning on this).
>So, despite that fact that I agree with you, I feel we must be pragmatic
>and face the facts.
>If I don't get agreement on this before I start, there is no point in
>as the code will be rejected on review.
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