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From: Cromwell Enage (sponage_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-11-22 22:42:07

I guess I could throw in a couple of pennies into this

I agree that we should try to pin down the logo's
essential elements before submitting any prototypes.
(If we *really* need pictures, we might consider
setting up a Boost Wiki page for them.) IMHO, there
are only two essential elements: Boost and ++.
"Boost" should be there for the obvious reason, and
"++" evokes enough of a positive association to the
implementation language without having to say "C++".

Why isn't "<>" an essential element? Because it's too
solution-specific. For example, I can't imagine a
Python programmer wanting to use Boost.Python because
it utilized templates. Boost.PP is another great
library that doesn't use templates at all, though it
works great with them. Finally, Boost is the proving
grounds for libraries that are candidates for the
entire C++ standard, not just the STL.

Of course, w/out the "C++" element, there's no point
in using "/", either.

Now that I've proprosed the elements, I think the idea
of using the pre-increment operator instead of
post-increment should also be incorporated into the
logo, so hard-core programmers could see at a glance
that we value performance, too.

Putting it all together, I believe the essence of the
logo should be:


You could have the word "Boost" look like a space
shuttle orbiter, as someone else suggested. The
colors would be perfect, as orbiters are black and
white (w/out the U.S. flag). The "++" would then look
like smoke exhaust.

The essence for the Boost.Build logo could then be


where "Build" would look like a rocket-launching
truck. (A vehicle assembly building would be more
accurate, but less resonant, not to mention too big.)

One objection I could foresee with this idea would be
that space shuttles might be phased out in the near
future because of the last national tragedy involving
them. Say anything you want about C++, that's one
form of resonance I wouldn't want to evoke.

Feel free to take my place in the bicycle shed if
that's what we're ending up building :)

                              Cromwell Enage

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