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From: John Torjo (john.lists_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-12-15 02:20:44

> Have you seen my "thoughts on a GUI library" thread? It is still early
> days so I would appreciate any feedback. I am continuing to work on i
> and now support code like:
> gui::area client;
> ::GetClientRect( *this, client.native());
> // ...
> to allow interoperability between areas, positions, sizes and their
> natiive OS representations.

I will take a look at it soon.

> Does this work for Boost.Build (v2) projects? I would like an IDE that

Nope, it does not work with Boost.Build, because its Cross Builder's
grammar and concepts are quite different.

For instance, you can have per-directory/file settings, which I don't
think it's possible for

I guess, if there's interest, I could make it possible to output some
sort of .jam file.

Cross Builder's purpose is to
- be able to configure compiler settings as easy as possible (whereever
you wish, in the directory hierarchy)
- be very flexible
- make it very easy to build projects, with whatever compilers you wish

> allows you to manage a project written using Boost.Build2 that allows
> you to configure user-config.jam and the location of the Boost
> distribution.
> I have written a utility program based on process_jam_log.cpp to output
> XML instead of HTML so it can be rendered using a stylesheet or
> manipulated. I would like to hook this into an IDE that is
> Boost-aware/orientated.

If you can think of this as a compiler (that is, you have source files,
which you compile into object files, which then you link together), then
I guess it could be hooked into Cross Builder.


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