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From: Alan Gutierrez (alan-boost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-12-24 16:18:26

* David Abrahams <dave_at_[hidden]> [2004-12-24 13:28]:
> Alan Gutierrez wrote:
> > Q - 2) Yes.
> >
> > If the project is to develop a GUI library using modern C++,
> > then Boost is the right place. Boost has the community. Boost
> > has the knowledge.
> >
> > Developing a GUI library is a complex undertaking. Startging out
> > with a new community slows things down considerably.
> >
> > Building a community takes time. Establishing mailing lists
> > takes time. Setting up a web site takes time. Choosing a name
> > takes time.
> >
> > Upon success of the project, it is likely to need a separate
> > umberella, but until then, building a community to support a
> > project so complex, to me, is far more daunting than the
> > software itself.
> I don't know if this is what you're suggesting, but I can't
> overemphasize how odious I find the idea of capitalizing on Boost's
> ready-made community, knowledge, and mailing lists, only to take the
> successful project away later and run it under "a separate umbrella."

    By Jove, No!
    I do not believe that a project of this sort, upon success,
    could be severed from its community. Please, don't think that I
    was suggesting that a Boost GUI would survive without depth of
    knowledge, and collective wisdom of the Boost contriubtors.
    For me to suggest such a thing, is not only odious, it is
    down-right assinine.
    I know where you are coming from. I ain't one of those.
    I'm imagining a project like this will create artifacts, like a
    froms library, or an XML + CSS renderer, or a vector graphics
    library, that would attract end users who are not at all
    familiar with the finer points of C++ programming.

    A GUI library would put screenshots on the Boost web site for
    the first time, and screen shots attract all sorts of inquieries.

    I phrased my post to attempt to address, and raise, the concerns
    of those who don't want to answer, "how do I put a check mark
    next to a menu item?", three times a week. If there there a
    couple screen shots of a versitile boost::grid on the Boost web
    site, you could bank postings that were no more than "I don't
    know C++, but tell me how to to that!"

    I want to see this project develop under Boost, because I think
    that it would generate an excellent GUI library implementation.

    I am hoping that the project is not forsaken because it is too
    broad in scope, since that would invite a new organization to
    form under the misconception that a GUI library has a
    necessarily huge code base. The Boost community, I suspect, is
    going to be particular about keeping the implementation lean.

    I imagine "a separate umberella", Boost branded and managed, to
    handle a new set of end users who arrive in response to a Boost
    GUI, who are not C++ programmers, but are compelled by what they
    see to employ C++ in their projects.

    With the Boost Python in place, plus a Boost GUI, Boost might
    get traffic that is not at all C++ related. I'd hate to see that
    shut Boost GUI down, or send it off to browner pastures.

Alan Gutierrez - alan_at_[hidden]

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