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From: Rob Stewart (stewart_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-02-17 16:04:19

> From: Joel de Guzman <joel_at_[hidden]>
> As suggested by Dave A, I would also like to take this opportunity to
> encourage you all to review the logos submitted so far. See if there
> is something you like but think needs a tweak. You can post your
> comments here. I'd gladly forward your comments to the author.

Here are some comments on what I see thus far:

#21 I don't think pushing the "C" up so high is beneficial.
 "boost" is too far below the "C." Either lower the "C" so more
 is in the image, or just close the gap.

#29 The farther right you go, the more attractive these logos
 are. The leftmost, which would be the result in low color
 contexts, is too plain. So, while I really like the fourth
 image, I'm not certain it will scale down in size and color well

#38 These are interesting. I think the problem is that there's
 no "C" block to go with the "+" blocks. The good thing is that
 you can omit "boost" and get something that can shrink pretty
 small. The only question is how far you can push it (icon size)
 and still recognize it.

#42 This is interesting, but the face used for "Boost" should be
 simpler. The fine lines in the "C++" aren't likely to scale
 down well.

#49 Is rather simple and attractive, but how does it look in
 fewer colors or really small?

#50 Is quite artsy, but I don't like the "++/++" part. Just
 putting "boost" on the pill might be sufficient. How does it
 look with fewer colors and really small?

#61 The idea of a mascot is appealing, but a 'possum just doesn't
 do it for me. An eagle would work (soaring to new heights),
 maybe a cheetah (speed development time). Also, the "C++" could
 be a logo on the top of the laptop rather than formed from the

#68 This one doesn't scale down well, except to leave just
 "boost" in the image, but there's nothing wrong with picking a
 particular typeface, writing "Boost" in that face, and calling
 it a logo. Many companies do that. Unfortunately, that's
 really tough to translate to smaller image sizes and you have to
 avoid making it too staid. Instead of "C++ | The next chapter"
 (which should have title case), how about "C++ on Steroids?"

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