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From: Rob Stewart (stewart_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-02-28 11:15:34

From: "Andreas Huber" <ahd6974-spamgroupstrap_at_[hidden]>
> Jeff Garland wrote:
> >
> > I addressed what I meant by complexity in my response to Darryl. The
> > thing is since we don't have an example of bad code that can be
> > simplified by an fsm to compare agaisnt in the docs and we can all
> > think of easier ways to write the StopWatch I worry that people will
> > be put off.
> The tutorial is primarily addressed to people who already have had
> exposure to FSMs (and also had to implement them one way or another).
> You are right, a beginner with only theoretical or even no prior
> knowledge about FSMs would probably shake his head before even following
> through the StopWatch example. I've spent quite some time thinking how I
> could also address newbies but have come to the conclusion that this
> would require a separate document at least as large as the tutorial.

A tutorial is typically assumed to be addressed at newbies. If
you are aiming at a different, more advanced audience, just say
so. That should eliminate the confusion.

To avoid misconceptions, a disclaimer stating that the StopWatch
example is too simple to benefit much from Boost.FSM, but serves
to show how to use the library, would probably be a good idea.

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