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From: Jose (jmalv04_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-08-09 13:11:42


Pardon my high level focus as I am new to the list. I have read all
the multiple threads on this topic and I only want to confirm
understanding of what libraries can be used now or in a few months,
before a future boost library is available. Authors please jump to
provide info on your release plans (if possible).

I define the library as a c++ async network io library (at least linux
ready now but multi-platform in the future) at the connector /
acceptor level (or higher but never at the sockets level) that can be
combined in different concurrency models (e.g. single-threaded or
multi-threaded where the async network io can run in one or multiple

I'll just list a brief pro/con list for the 3 libraries I've found so far

nanostreamer (downloaded from the boost vault)

- good introductory article.pdf
- designed to make best use of c++ and boost (my newbie opinion!)
- real world code examples, e.g. http server (although not fully developed)

- no async network io available yet although it is planned (see event queue ext)

asio (

- async network io ready (linux epoll as of 0.31)

- basic real world code examples (but no http examples)
- does not use boost threads

netiphany ( and boost vault)

- simple usage (see rfc doc in the vault archive, by Don G)
- focused on async network io (not sure how it can be combined with threads)

- no implementation distributed yet (although mentioned and partially
shown in the sf docs)

Note that I've not included sockets wrappers or libraries that will
not provide an async network io solution in the short term.

Also worth checking the scheduler library in and the CUJ dec
2002 article on a templated library for fast multiplexing although
both of those don't seem to have active development.

Thanks and regards

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