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From: Robert Ramey (ramey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-08-24 10:41:46

Martin Slater wrote:
> I just ported all our code using Boost.Serialization over to 1.33
> today and came across similar problems so I thought I'd add some
> comments as additional data points. In all cases the problems were
> trivial to fix (making Save() member functions const for example) and
> only came across a single case of serialising a local variable in our
> code, the fix there was also relatively trivial, so all in all this
> didn't cause us much grief at all.

OK - good to know - one more data point. I wonder if that local variable
was being tracked. In this case you fixed a potential error.

>The bigger problem I have is with
> the added included dependancy order (archives must be included before
> any other serialisation files) which caused a big rearrangment of our
> headers and was a pain to deal with. Luckily for us these were all
> internal headers but it just reminds me of the problems with header
> dependancy that boost\serialisation\shared_ptr.hpp had and that have
> been happily resolved in this release. This is a much bigger issue
> for me and something that really should be readdressed.

This is caused by two circumstances:

a) for boost/serialization/export.hpp relies on previious inclusion of
archive headers to know what archives to instantiate code for. This the
same as version 1.32

b) The new requirement to support auto-linking. Auto-linking is forced by
including a header whether or not the code is actually needed. The new
headers skip those portions which provoke auto-linking if no archive headers
are included. This permits headers to include serialization and still be
included in other programs which don't use serialization without required
link in a library which is not used.

I've resolve to make the rule "include archive headers before serialization
headers\" conditional on the usage of auto-linking. I'm not sure this is a
great thing. It will address the concerns of those who have had an issue
with this. But it will also require that a program which is developed on
say GCC will have to suppress auto-linking with a compile time define when
the program is compiled on a VC or borland. I'm still mulling this over.

Robert Ramey

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