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From: Adam Badura (abadura_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-09-15 08:06:57

    I looked on a few GUI C++ libraries, but none of them satisfied me. Most
commonly of this reasons:
1) weak support if at all for exceptions (wxWidgets for example)
2) using own classes instead of standard (most common for string) (wxWidgets
and MFC for example)
3) using own typedef for char w_char and so on (FLTK or FOX I don't remember
4) and like that...
Commercial solutions I didn't even analise.

    I imagined to things like this (I even started, but than had my hard
disk broken and lost all data)
1) implement library using nativ API for OS (Win API for Windows for
2) use only those parts of API that are REALLY needed (withouth them
implementation wont be possible)
3) implement own graphic drawer (like Graphic or Graphic2D for Java or DC
for Win) giving support to standard thigns like drawing primitives (points,
lines, circles, rectangles, ellipses), drawing texts, or mor advanced things
like regions... and you know... everything you feel is needed in such a
4) this drawer draws all the windows (more precisly windows draw themselfs
using this drawer)
5) I didn't thought about messages queues, signals and so on... any
solutions? I think using something already made and multiplatform (boost
signals and functions as you sayd) could be a good one?

Note that using drawer makes it easy to use perhabs for example OpenGL
instead on nativ API.

Note about color that I started working on library for color management
(with conversions) - I posted here a message on that.

    Anyway I think that GUI library that is standard, multiplatform and
using all that C++ and its standard library has to offer is badly needed.
Its lack stops me many times of using C++ and most of me friends use now
only Java aspecially that it becomes faster. So I'm willing to work on that

    Adam Badura

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