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From: troy d. straszheim (troy_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-09-20 05:55:30

Just FYI, we hit something similar with serialization's xml_grammar.ipp
(infinite loop, compiler leaking memory while instantiating a
complicated grammar). That was only with gcc3.3, with optimizations
turned on, on the mac. The workaround turned out to be to break up some
of the rule_t assignments from one big assignment into several assignments:

And that initialization of int_lit in cpp_intlit_grammar.hpp is looking
pretty hefty, one might play with that a bit. I filed a bug report with
apple and the bug has gone away with their gcc4. Out of curiosity, I'd
ask what gcc version the OP is using, and if the OP could run "top"
while building to verify that the symptom is similar seeing the same
thing (hang + mem leak).


Hartmut Kaiser wrote:
> Russell Kliese wrote:
>>I've been trying to build boost on an amd64 machine under
>>Debian Linux but it hangs trying to compile part of the wave
>>library. Is it possible to skip building the wave library as
>>a temporary work around (I am not familiar with jam)?
>>I'm using the deb source package (from 1.33.0) from the
>>unstable Debian
>>I am building on the stable distribution (i.e. trying to
>>create a back port because of the broken timed mutexes in 1.32).
>>The build gets to:
>> "g++" -c -Wall -ftemplate-depth-255 -D_REENTRANT -g -O0
>>-fno-inline -pthread -I"bin/boost/libs/wave/build"
>>-I"/home/users/russell/cvs/debPackages/boost/boost_1_33_0" -I
>>"/home/users/russell/cvs/debPackages/boost/boost_1_33_0" -o
>> "/usr/bin/objcopy" --set-section-flags
>>at which point it hangs (top shows cc1plus using 99.9% CPU).
>>Please let me know if I can supply more info to help debug
>>this problem.
> Hmmm. Honestly don't know what to do about this (besides the fact, that I
> don't have access to a similar system). What gcc version are you using? Did
> you try another gcc version?
> Regards Hartmut
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