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From: John Maddock (john_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-12-07 12:08:12

I'm trying to figure out what configuration magic is needed to get the
Boost.TR1 library working with CW-9.4.

It's apparent that CW has some TR1 components already:


It also appears to have function, and yet the trivial test program
libs/config/test/has_tr1_function.ipp doesn't appear to compile.

What about mem_fn and bind? If native versions of these aren't available
then we're going to have a conflict over reference_wrapper and the ref/cref

There's also a strange failure for the type_traits tests which all fail

    call "c:\Programme\Metrowerks\Codewarrior\Other Metrowerks Tools\Command
Line Tools\cwenv.bat" -quiet
    set "ERRORLEVEL="
    mwcc -c -lang c++ -DTEST_STD=1 -maxerrors 5 -warnings on -maxwarnings
20 -nowraplines -g -O0 -inline off -cwd include -wchar_t on -warnings
nounusedexpr,nounused -runtime dmd -RTTI on -iso_templates on
"-IC:\br\results\bin\boost\libs\tr1\test" "-IC:\br\boost\boost\tr1\tr1"
"-IC:\br\boost\boost\tr1\tr1\bcc32" "-IC:\br\boost\libs\type_traits\test"
"-IC:\br\boost" -I- "-IC:\br\boost" -o

### mwcc Compiler:
# In: ..\libs\type_traits\test\has_virtual_destructor_test.cpp
# From: ..\libs\tr1\test\type_traits\tr1_has_virtual_destructor_test.cpp
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------
# 10: # include <type_traits>
# Error: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
# the file 'type_traits' cannot be opened

even though the file type_traits is clearly in the compilers search path
(other headers like <regex> and <random> appear to open OK however).

Any ideas anyone?


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